Why BSS?

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  • Three Senior students lean over a table and work on a project together

    Developing a lasting love of learning

    At BSS, we accept the sacred trust to cherish and nurture young minds and spirits.

    All girls become part of the continuing living legacy and promise of BSS. This is not an ordinary education but rather an extraordinary opportunity, that exposes our students to humanity’s great thinkers and creators across all disciplines and cultures – celebrating the richness of our shared human experience. Our proven approach serves to expand hearts and minds, as our girls develop into intellectually curious, intelligent and independent, compassionate and creative global citizens – able to lead and navigate successfully this increasingly complex and connected world.
  • A student smiles at another student will holding a laptop

    Inspiring girls to be courageous leaders

    Our students develop intellectual courage and the ability to advocate views that may be unconventional or contentious in their pursuit of truth and their place in the world. At BSS, we provide many opportunities to enhance leadership abilities and to lead, through our vast array of programs tailored to inspire each student’s passion.

    Our students are free to express themselves, to make decisions, to learn through their mistakes and to initiate projects that test their creative powers. They learn that with this freedom comes responsibility and accountability. Through our collective efforts, each girl discovers their own purpose and confidence which guides them throughout the course of their lives. And as we’ve seen over generations, our young women become fearless, inspired and inspiring leaders.
  • Two Junior students read books at a table

    Teaching girls how to think – not what to think

    We provide our girls with a solid grounding in all core subjects – a deep and rigorous approach to learning across the fields of mathematics, science and technology, humanities and the arts. Building upon this strong foundation, our dedicated teachers engage and challenge our students, inspiring them to explore their passion and expand their intellectual capacity.

    Our graduates go on to attend the best post-secondary institutions with the breadth of knowledge and understanding needed to meet all the challenges they will face.

Lauren HASEGAWA Lake ‘09

BSS broadened my horizons and the effect of that cannot be overestimated. It opened my mind to new opportunities and taught me to raise the bar and dream big.