Valerie WHITTINGHAM Pringle ’71

Broadcaster, adventurer and philanthropist

Valerie WHITTINGHAM Pringle ‘71, C.M., is a distinguished voice in Canadian broadcasting. She began her career as a journalist in radio in the 1970s and with her move to television, became a household name in Canada.
As an independent filmmaker, she has several documentaries and series to her credit, and continues making programs that help us understand the world.

Valerie WHITTINGHAM Pringle ‘71

It’s good to have dreams. You just have to keep putting one foot in front of the other. Don’t get overwhelmed by how far it seems from here to there. You start. You find a job. You just never know.
Valerie’s philanthropic activities reveal her courage and abiding sense of optimism. Her spirit, intelligence, enthusiasm and charm have allowed her to move mountains, when she’s not climbing them.