Old Girls Association Bursary Fund

What began as a meeting of just eighty BSS Old Girls at Wykeham Hall on July 1, 1908, has evolved into a vibrant community of over 9,000 members today. To donate to the Old Girls Association Bursary Fund, contact Joanne Weedmark, Director of Annual Giving Programs, at jweedmark@bss.on.ca for more information.
For over a century, alumnae have contributed to the life of the school long after their graduation; their contributions include speaking to current classes, mentoring students, spearheading initiatives and participating in schoolwide events. Our alumnae have many milestones to be proud of, particularly the creation of the Old Girls Association Bursary Fund.

The Old Girls Association Bursary Fund has made BSS accessible to students no matter their financial situation. It has made it possible for generations of leaders and learners to experience the incredible BSS community. In this way, our alumnae are vital partners in helping the school achieve its defining commitments of making a BSS education affordable and genuinely inclusive.

The support of the Old Girls Association Bursary Fund has changed the lives of many exceptional students. The impact of such generosity can be difficult to measure, but it can be seen every day in the halls and classrooms of BSS.