Masterclasses elevate music curriculum

Academic and Program Enrichment funding brings music classes to life. Through this fund, BSS faculty have supported Junior, Middle and Senior School students in identifying disciplines and instruments to explore with multidisciplinary specialists.
Last year, faculty arranged for performer, teacher and academic, Dr. Izabella Budai, to facilitate flute sectionals and an ensemble with students in Grades 6, 7 and 8. Senior vocal classes welcomed Dr. Hilary Apdelstadt from the University of Toronto for conducting and performance masterclasses. David Lane from Canada’s premiere vocal ensemble, Cadence, also joined the BSS a cappella group for a vocal percussion and beat-boxing workshop.

“The most memorable highlights of my years at BSS were the experiences I had within the BSS music department. Meeting Dr. Apfelstadt was incredible, and the beat boxer from Cadence helped me to unleash the vocal percussive power I never knew I had! These wonderful guests pushed me to build my confidence in using my voice, singing and otherwise. I’ll always be grateful for the skills I’ve developed, the lessons I’ve learned, and the lifelong connections I made during my time with BSS music.” -Laura C, Class of 2020