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Online Courses at BSS

Online learning has become an integral part of the learning landscape around the world. It’s really the best of both worlds – solid course material, great teachers, collaboration with students, outstanding support – all from the comfort of your laptop. We believe in giving each student as many learning options as possible, and are proud to offer a number of inspiring online courses in Grades 9 to 12.

  • Classical Languages, Latin, Level 1, Academic LVLBDe
  • International Languages, Simplified Chinese Level 1, Academic LKBBDe
  • American History CHA3Ue
  • Communications Technology TGJ3Me
  • Introduction to Anthropology, Psychology and Sociology HSP3Ue
  • Financial Accounting Fundamentals BAF3Me
  • Functions MCR3Ue (summer only – August)
  • World Religions & Belief Traditions: Perspectives, Issues and Challenges HRT3Me
  • Business Leadership BOH4Me
  • Canadian and World Law CLN4Ue
  • Challenge and Change in Society HSB4Ue
  • Classical Civilization LVV4Ue
  • Data Management MDM4Ue (summer only – July)
  • Earth and Space Science SES4Ue
  • International Business Fundamentals BBB4Me
  • International Languages, Simplified Chinese, Level 3 (for Native Speakers) plus AP Mandarin Preparation LKBDUIe
  • Human Development Throughout the Lifespan / plus AP Psychology Preparation HHG4MIe
  • Philosophy: Questions and Theories HZT4Ue

Online Offerings

Online courses run from September to May with a final assessment in June. Course teachers, who are experts in developing and teaching online courses, come from member schools and have taken the Ontario College of Teachers Additional Qualification course: Teaching and Learning with eLearning through the University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT). Our online Site Administrator will communicate regularly with the online teachers and students to support student success, monitor progress and report student grades.

Students enrolled at BSS may choose to include some of these online courses in their course selection. Learn more about elearning here.

Some online courses are open to students who are not enrolled in BSS but who have registered for BSS Summer Academy. Summer 2020 registration opens early in the new year.

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Course Quality

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Course Options

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Student Skills

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Postsecondary Prep

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Delivery Model

Course Quality

Course Options

Student Skills

Postsecondary Prep

Delivery Model

eLearning FAQ

Any student from a Consortium school who has access to a computer and high speed Internet, either at school or at home, and has been approved by their Site Administrator and Student Services Counsellor can take an online course.

Depending on the course you are taking, you may be timetabled into a classroom or other location in the school, or you may be given a spare and expected to complete your course in your free time during the school day or at home. Be sure to check with your Site Administrator or Student Services Counsellor to see where and when the online course you have selected will be offered.

Yes, all the Ontario credit online courses adhere to the Ontario Ministry of Education guidelines, and follow the standard policies for assessment and reporting. Your final summative evaluation will occur at your school during your regular exam timetable in June.

You will get marks on your report card at the same time and in the same format as you do for your regular courses. Your Site Administrator will work with the online teacher to monitor your progress and to gather marks at regular intervals that are then used for any school documentation such as report cards, OUAC, University letters of reference and so on.

Most schools recommend that students take only one or two online courses per year, unless there are special circumstances. Students must receive permission from the school’s Site Administrator and Student Services to take an online course.

The school has established a Site Administrator to assist students with any problems with a course or the technology. They are in constant contact with the online teacher, the Student Services Counsellors, and the IT Department. You should contact your Site Administrator as soon as possible if you have any problems with the course, the teacher or your computer.

Most courses will require you to have access to Microsoft Office or similar software. Additional software is usually public domain that you can download onto your computer, and much of your work will be web-based using the Internet. Some specialty courses, such as Communications Technology require access to specialized software. In these cases, the school will provide access at school for this software, or you can purchase it yourself for your laptop or home computer.

BSS student studying on her laptop

We believe in technology

BSS is a founding member of the eLearning Consortium Canada (ELCC), a unique co-operative not-for-profit organization that provides online curriculum for the benefit of students in member independent schools. The eLearning Consortium’s mission is to provide exemplary online courses that offer best practices in online instruction and 21st century skills, with a high level of student monitoring and support.

In preparing our students for higher education and, eventually, the workplace, we felt the ability to successfully learn online was going to be an imperative,” says Mary Anne Ballantyne, Assistant Head, Innovation and Technology. Read National Post article on eLearning

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