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Leading the Way

A Space Designed for People

Natalie Little stands in front of the plaque that bears her name

Honouring former Head Natalie Little

Walk into the BSS Junior School and you’ll instantly recognize it as a space that was designed with the experience of students and teachers in mind. A bright and open building, it has a contagious energy that is inspiring, both to the young learners who know every cranny and those who are just passing through. It is appropriate then that, at a special event in December 2016, the Junior School was officially named the Natalie Little Wing. It was thanks to the former Head of School’s leadership that the wing was built, and the people-focused space is a perfect reflection of Natalie’s contributions to the school. “The heart and soul of a great school is great people, and Natalie saw that,” said Tony Arrell, Chair of the Head’s Advisory Committee, at an intimate tribute ceremony for Ms. Little. “She made BSS a place where great teachers are recognized.” Now, everyone who steps into the Natalie Little Wing will know whose vision inspired its creation. Natalie herself will continue to visit this invigorating hub of excellence and innovation as frequently as possible. “The sky continues to be the limit here,” she says with a smile.

Spring 2017