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Head Girl Discovers What Leadership Means

BSS Head Girl, Timeyin Boyo, Class of 2020

Kate Crokam, Director of Alumnae Engagement, Interviews Timeyin Boyo, Class of 2020


K: How long have you been at BSS?

T: I came to BSS in 2016 for Grade 9.

K: Where did you go to school before you came to BSS?

T: I went to school in Lagos, Nigeria, because that is where most of my family lives. After I finished Grade 8 and after my sister finished Grade 6, my family decided to send us to BSS.

K: What is it like to live at BSS?

T: When people describe Boarding, they start describing it as a sleepover with all of your best friends. It is like that for maybe the first three weeks and then you get into the swing of things like a routine. After four years of living here, it has gone from living at school to being at home.

K: What is your favourite part of BSS?

T: That is a hard question. I think it is the sense of community. When I was in Grade 10, I joined the Chamber Choir and we sang at Nativity. We bonded deeply and this experience (and many more since then) have made my experience at BSS one that can’t be replicated anywhere else.

K: How has being a Boarder impacted your experience at BSS?

T: I think the sense of community in Boarding is a major aspect of the BSS experience for me. From the minute I came here, I had so many new experiences and made lots of new friends. The orientation allowed me to get to know the girls in my grade really quickly.

K: How do you see yourself staying connected after you graduate?

T: One thing my friends and I have agreed to do is to visit each other in our home countries. We made a pact to travel after we graduate to see each other and to meet up before our five-year reunion.

K: Do you have any words of wisdom to impart to your younger sister Mofe, class of 2022?

T: I tell her to embrace all the opportunities provided at BSS, even if it is foreign or new, and no matter how challenging it seems, just seize the moment. Taking chances will take you to places you never imagined going.

K: How has your experience as Head Girl been so far?

T: It has been really busy but such an amazing experience. A teacher once commented, “I can really feel your presence in the school.” Since then, I have realized that how I act towards people really changes things. Sometimes, I have a bad day and I need to ask myself, “How are my actions reflecting on me as a leader?” Someone is always watching.

Being Head Girl has made me really appreciative of the opportunity that I received. I am not the most conventional face you would see as a Head Girl, probably because I am the first black Head Girl at BSS. Being in my position is a big deal for this reason.

By Kate Crokam
June 8, 2020