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Building Community

Where The Past Meets The Future

Madame Justice Jane KELLY ’82 and her daughter

An Old Girl’s Intersection contribution creates a family connection

Madame Justice Jane KELLY ’82 is very familiar with the tensions and creative possibilities that arise when long-standing institutions adapt to the digital age. As a Superior Court Justice, her work in the heart of the ever-evolving legal system has given her a unique perspective on The Bishop Strachan School’s ability to innovate while respecting its traditions.

“I love that they have maintained so many connections to the past, yet the new facilities are so up-to-date,” she says. “When you walk in off Lonsdale Road, it’s the original architecture. And the Chapel and Dining Hall have remained largely the same. Then you walk into the newer facilities, and it’s so evident that the school has elevated the curriculum to the next level. It’s amazing to see what’s being developed.”

With daughter Kate Bannister in Grade 5, Justice Kelly also appreciates the school’s commitment to continually advancing the quality of education.

“A lot of thought has gone into the new building,” she says. “I give Deryn Lavell and her team credit. They have done all the research and created an environment for learning to take a different form. It’s not just sitting in a chair attached to a desk and listening to a teacher at the front. Once the new building opens, it will give the girls the resources they need to explore.”

Through her daughter Kate, Justice Kelly has also seen firsthand that the student experience is as positive as ever.

“Kate thoroughly enjoys it. She loves being in an all girls environment where there is room for everyone to get involved. The Junior School is such a warm place in which to learn. The staff are fantastic.”

Funding a Milestones medallion allowed Justice Kelly to express her support for the school while creating a special link between mother and daughter.

“BSS has played such a significant role in our lives,” she says. “I am glad to be able to make a contribution. It’s very special to be an Old Girl and a parent. I love that Kate and I will have our names together on the medallion.”

By Warren Lang
Spring 2017