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Advanced Placement

For decades, BSS has offered internationally recognized Advanced Placement courses. Our students participate in these rigorous university-level courses to build confidence in their learning skills, tap into their creativity and build academic competency. Recognized around the world, the AP program complements the rich learning that BSS offers. Our students' strong results in AP courses — exceeding international averages — confirm their readiness for post-secondary education.
Research conducted in the United States has shown that AP students perform better in four-year post-secondary institutions, earning significantly higher first year GPAs and graduation rates than students without AP credits. In science related courses, research has indicated that a background in AP science courses increases students’ science skills and their interest in pursuing STEM majors in university. 

At BSS, our students are supported by a number of qualified teachers with decades of experience providing rigorous university-level opportunities for students. With the foundation of our specialized approach to learning, AP teachers at BSS develop forward-thinking courses that meet the standards for university-level instruction, while also incorporating real-world topics.

AP Capstone Diploma

BSS also offers the AP Capstone Diploma. The Capstone Diploma courses develop students’ skills in research, analysis, evidence-based arguments, collaboration, writing and presenting. 

Students who complete the two-year program can earn one of two different AP Capstone awards, which are valued by universities across the United States and around the world.

The two components of the AP Capstone Diploma program are:

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  • Grade 11 - AP Seminar

    AP Seminar is a foundational course that engages students in cross-curricular conversations that explore the complexities of academic and real-world topics and issues by analyzing divergent perspectives. Students learn to investigate a problem or issue, analyze arguments, compare different perspectives, synthesize information from multiple sources, and work alone and in a group to communicate their ideas.
  • Grade 12 - AP Research

    Students design, plan, and implement a yearlong investigation to address a research question. Through this inquiry, they further the skills they acquired in the AP Seminar course by learning research methodology, employing ethical research practices, and accessing, analyzing, and synthesizing information. The course culminates in an academic paper of 4,000–5,000 words (accompanied by a performance, exhibit, or product where applicable) and a presentation with an oral defense.
    • A student stands at a large desk and presents to her peer in the foreground

BSS Student, Nour A. ‘23

“In AP Seminar, you’re given an opportunity to guide your investigation and your research based on topics you want to explore. Not only was I able to research the things I wanted to, I was also able to apply that to my work. I was enjoying what I was doing while being given the creative freedom to select what I wanted to do.” 
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Advanced Placement Courses

  • AP Chinese Language and Culture (online)
  • AP Seminar
  • AP Micro and Macroeconomics
  • AP French Language and Culture
  • AP Psychology (online)
  • AP Research
  • AP Calculus AB
  • AP Statistics
  • AP Biology
  • AP Chemistry
  • AP Physics 1
  • AP English Language and Composition
  • AP English Literature and Composition

Benefits of Advanced Placement Courses

Brendan Lea, Principal, Senior School

“The fact that students have taken advanced courses shows that they have taken the most rigorous program that we can offer. Our graduates consistently tell us that they are feeling very prepared for their first-year university experience and beyond.”