Student Life


The arts are alive at BSS! Music, visual and media arts, theatre, dance – it all happens here. From JK to 12, our students have many opportunities to create, perform, and explore diverse art forms.
The arts are not just an “add-on” at BSS – they are an integral part of how our students learn about themselves and the world around them. Whatever activity they choose, they drive the creative process, experiment with new modes of expression, and develop the lifelong appreciation that comes with hands-on experience.

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  • A student works on a pencil sketch in the art studio

    On the wall

    Through visual arts at BSS, students develop creativity, critical thinking skills and resilience. At every age, they have opportunities to use a variety of media to create personal, meaningful pieces of art. It’s a process that instills a sense of discovery and self-realization. Our hallways are filled with student pieces that provoke, challenge and astound.
  • A group of students in black leotards and pink belts perform a choreographed dance

    On the stage

    The performing arts are another avenue to find creative voice and self-expression at BSS. Students can pick up an instrument for the first time, join a dance class or sing in a choir. They can take a role in a stage production or create in the media arts. Our teachers are ready to support each student to find her talents.
  • Teacher drawing a cute monster, girl looking up at her smiling and group of students at table

    In every classroom

    At BSS, the arts flow through and enrich other areas of our curriculum. It’s easier to understand how a human cell works after creating a papier-maché version. History comes alive when students produce a video to tell a compelling story. A complex social issue comes into sharp relief when interpreted through dance or in a series of photos.

Student Gallery

We all have something creative inside, and BSS is the place to let it out. Take a look at some of the amazing work produced by our students.

Our Diverse Arts Activities

Arts-Craft-Tech Club
Grade 8 Dance Team
Grades 9 and 10 Play
Middle and Senior Chamber Choir
Middle and Senior Chamber Strings
Middle School Art Club
Middle School Plays
Senior Band
Senior Choir
Senior Classical Play
Senior Fall Play
Senior Jazz Band
Senior Musical
Senior Strings
Student-directed one-act plays