The most exciting discoveries happen when natural science, technology, engineering, the arts and mathematics (STEAM) come together.
At BSS, students from JK to Grade 12 are given opportunities to expand their knowledge and solve problems through STEAM. Every day, interdisciplinary design projects are under way in classrooms, labs and clubs.

Our design technology labs constantly evolve to give students the tools they need to create, design and build. But technology is not an end in itself: we help students learn to use technology in a safe and purposeful way.

More than one-third of our graduates go into science, technology, engineering, architecture and math programs in university—and once there, they thrive!

Math at BSS: Fearless learning

At BSS we love math, and we find innovative ways to share it with our students. They end up loving it, too. (And excelling at it!) BSS has a range of math courses offering different levels of challenge in the Junior, Middle and Senior Schools.

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  • Engaging Math Concepts

    In Grade 8, girls are tasked with designing their ultimate dream swimming pool for BSS. Girls first created a blueprint and calculated the volume and area of all the objects in their pool. They then implemented their design on Google Sketchup!

    Grade 10 students design and construct paper candy boxes. They learn how to scale figures, sketch out nets and build the boxes. They calculate measurements, test and verify their results.

    To investigate Trigonometric Functions, Grade 12 students work in the Design Technology Lab to use real models such as a pendulum, grandfather clock and ferris wheel. They determine the function and also measure and calculate the parameters that affect the models.

Maryam, Grade 8

My group was able to problem solve in very creative ways when our birdhouse broke. We never gave up. Even when things got bad, we just kept on persisting. I was very proud of my group because I know that we grew a lot from this experience, and now we are better at grit and perseverance.

How much do our students love math?

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  • 30%

    of students graduate with 3 Grade 12 math courses
  • 50%

    of students graduate with 2 Grade 12 math courses
  • 38%

    of Grade 8 students earned a Grade 9 math credit in the 2018-19 Reach Ahead Program
  • 85%

    of students in Grades 2 to 6 participate in the Caribou Math Contest

Janice, Grade 11

I didn’t know technology could be so closely related to art. Even though people use computers to draw, it was really different to be creative using computer coding.