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Professional Learning for Early Childhood, Primary & Junior School Educators
Join us as we gather as a community curious about our role in creating new futures from a place of possibility and hope. Through conversation, inquiry and creative exploration, we hope to think with you to reimagine the role of educators and educational spaces in deep reflection of our time and place. We will present provocations from our experiences working within a school that is inspired by the educational project of Reggio Emilia, as well as many other pedagogies deeply rooted in the place and land we are situated on. 

Each day includes interactive and participatory elements, such as story sharing, collaborative discussions, hands-on workshops, breakout sessions, Q&As and more. Recordings of BSS teacher presentations from previous workshops will be available to registrants for a limited time.

Join us for one day, two days, or all three experiences to listen to unfolding stories, dream about the futures of our schools, and create collective momentum and inspiration towards building an image of schools, teachers, and children that aligns with a world we hope for. All journeys of understanding and explorations of inquiry-based work are welcome.
Empowering Visions for Children, Teachers, Schools
February 3, 2023

In this interactive full-day workshop, we will be exploring many questions that surround the ways we see ourselves, children, and learning and teaching environments, and the ways these images might inform and inspire our approach. 
What is made possible when we see children as whole, powerful, curious, creative, relationship-building beings capable of seeing the world in ways that are at once unique, meaningful, empathetic and complex?

What is made possible when we see teachers as researchers, collaborators, capable of creating contexts that make possible the creation of worlds that are oriented toward care, democracy, hope, joy and wonder?

What is made possible when we see schools as sites for hope, for uncovering new ways to be in the world together that are just, inclusive, connected, creative, where learning is seen as an inherently alive, dynamic, complex, collaborative process?

Nothing In Isolation, Nothing Without Joy
May 5, 2023

In this interactive full-day workshop, we will engage in inquiries about the possibilities offered to us when we orient ourselves toward relationship-centric ways of being, when we explore learning and teaching "together with," rather than "to" or "about."
What happens when we begin to see ourselves as parts of an ecosystem that is dynamic, alive and emergent? 

How might we be more playful in our approach to our time and to the spaces we inhabit together with children? 

How might we unearth the many false dichotomies, binaries and hierarchies that distance and disconnect us from each other, ourselves and the world to heal and repair the vital entanglements between our hearts, minds, bodies and spirits, between people and nature, between pasts, presents and futures?