Beyond the Classroom

Service Learning

Service learning is a powerful, often life-changing experience.
Student-led service is fundamental to the learning at BSS. It isn’t just part of the school curriculum, it’s an essential part of the BSS culture. By giving back, students have an opportunity to own their skills, effort and time, allowing them to form meaningful connections to their peers and to their city neighbours.
Through service learning initiatives, students contribute to increasing accessibility, justice and equity for the marginalized. Many projects, such as food and clothing drives, involve students across the entire school working toward a collective goal. Other initiatives, such as peer tutoring, bring younger and older students together to learn from one another on an individual basis. Special celebrations, such as Pride Week, involve all students in grade-appropriate ways. Those who go above and beyond are rewarded with Pins of Service, and the knowledge that their efforts help foster healthier communities.

Junior School

In the Junior School, service starts in the classroom and involves Grade 5 and 6 students working with younger students as tutors to help them solve problems. The mentoring and leadership of younger peers continues into the Middle School grades, strengthening the bonds between students and deepening meaningful engagement throughout the school community.

Middle and Senior School

By the time they enter Middle and Senior School, BSS students are ready to take their classroom learning and turn it into action in the community. They discover the needs of the greater community – for example, housing, food scarcity, or the problems facing at-risk women and trans people – and put that learning into practice with practical, hands-on service.

What service learning looks like at BSS