Financial Assistance & Scholarships

We believe that cost shouldn’t be a barrier to an outstanding education. Financial assistance is a cornerstone of our commitment to providing an inclusive and accessible education. It ensures that more girls of grit, character and promise can discover themselves at BSS, and go on to do great things. Financial assistance is offered to students entering Grades 6 to 12.
Through tuition and program assistance, we support families who need extra help with costs. Our merit-based scholarships encourage and reward students who demonstrate exceptional academic, artistic or athletic achievements.
Donations from our generous community make this possible. Every year, BSS allocates over $2 million in financial assistance, the most of any girls’ school in Canada.

Tiffany LEE ‘11, BSS alumna and financial assistance recipient

Without financial assistance, I would not have been able to access any of the programs and extra-curricular activities that BSS had to offer. All the things that I learned, especially through public speaking and debate club, all the joys that I had in band and choir, and all the friendships I made at BSS - these experiences carried me through much of my life. Financial assistance was the school’s way of showing me that I really could do anything.