Discover who you are and who you can be
At BSS, we do things differently. Our challenging program is based on advanced educational research. And it produces outstanding results.
With our approach, students learn deeply. They get to know themselves. They become independent, lifelong learners, confident and self-assured. They learn to speak for themselves and to lead others. They grow into compassionate and ethical citizens. They develop grit. We call this the Signature of a BSS Girl.

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  • Student speaks into microphone while other students look at her in background

    Where girls lead

    These innovative learning experiences happen in the context of an all-girls school. Girls are leaders in the classroom, in student government, on sport teams and clubs, in every aspect of school life. As a result, they are more likely to take risks, speak their minds and develop a strong sense of self. They grow in confidence and resilience.

Linda Sacks, Professor, Stanford University, and author of a report for the National Coalition of Girls Schools

All-girls schools produce graduates who enter college more academically and politically engaged, as well as more confident in their mathematical and computer skills. Single-sex graduates are more likely to begin college aspiring to become engineers and express more confidence in their public speaking abilities.

Vanessa Vanclief, Middle School Humanities Teacher

We support our students to develop strong reading habits, explore issues from a variety of perspectives, critically analyze different types of sources, research responsibly, and communicate effectively.