At BSS, we do things differently. Our challenging program is based on advanced educational research. BSS students inquire through the lens of equity and ethics. They work collaboratively and learn to be leaders. They think critically, ask important questions and learn the skills to make positive change.
With our approach, students learn deeply. They get to know themselves. They become independent, lifelong learners, confident and self-assured. They learn to speak for themselves and to lead others. They grow into compassionate and ethical citizens. They develop grit. We call this the Signature of a BSS Girl.

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  • Inquiry with an equity mindset

    Learning at BSS is inquiry-based. We see young students as individuals who are inherently capable and curious, with a powerful potential to learn. With an equity mindset, students consider who is impacted by the issues they are studying and whose voice is heard. They learn to dismantle barriers and make the world more accessible to all. 

    In the Junior School (Junior Kindergarten to Grade 6), inspired by the Reggio Emilia Approach, students engage in investigations and projects that build a strong academic foundation in mathematics, literacy and research.

    In the Middle School grades (Grades 7 and 8), students hone these core academic skills. They learn to think critically, ask good questions and solve challenging problems. They tackle collaborative projects that combine subject areas.

    In the Senior School grades (Grades 9 to 12), students continue to learn about themselves and their capabilities through rigorous, challenging learning experiences. They are well-prepared for university with strong critical thinking, analytical and research skills.
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    Where girls lead

    These innovative learning experiences happen in the context of an all-girls school. Girls are leaders in the classroom, in student government, on sport teams and clubs, in every aspect of school life. As a result, they are more likely to take risks, speak their minds and develop a strong sense of self. They grow in confidence and resilience.

Dr. Kristen Clarke, Dean of Teaching and Learning

At BSS, we don't simply cover curriculum, we uncover curriculum. Using an inquiry-based equity-minded approach, our students ask critical questions to challenge their thinking and expand their ideas with the goal of breaking down barriers for women, girls and all those who experience systemic discrimination. 

Vanessa Vanclief, Middle School Humanities Teacher

We support our students to develop strong reading habits, explore issues from a variety of perspectives, critically analyze different types of sources, research responsibly, and communicate effectively.