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Volunteers play a central role in supporting our mission to empower girls through education
Parents, families, Old Girls and friends share their skills and passions by serving on our Board of Governors and Board of Trustees, volunteering for events and initiatives organized by our Parent Association and Alumnae Association, supporting our fundraising efforts, mentoring our students, and much more.

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  • Parent Association Executive 2022-23

    Co-Chairs - Cristin Lazier and Sona Shah
    Treasurer - Rachel Busbridge
    Secretary - Susan Cayne
    Leadership Search Committee -Erin Trapp
    Parent Event Coordinators - Jessica Rotenberg, Christine Atkins, Kirsten Zeitler and Karen Gautam
    Communications Co-Chairs - Hala Hibri and Kim Hensley
    Volunteer Coordinators - Sophie Starfas and Lauren Connolly
    Environmental Steward - Taryn Sillaots, Jennifer Morassutti and Linda Ku
    Senior School Coordinator - Jason Leung
    Middle School Coordinator - Karin Treiberg
    Junior School Coordinators - Shaheen Joshi 
    Parent Ambassador Coordinators - Christy Lockington, Maryam Alibhai and Courtney Wood
    Staff Appreciation Coordinators - Ellen Levy and Meghan Menkes
    Parent Giving Ambassadors - Elizabeth Tutsch and Ashley Rutledge
    Parent Walks Initiative - Rachel Busbridge
    Service Learning Project Coordinator - Meghan Ricci
    Technology and Communications Advisor - William Geng
    DEIB Steward - Indra Narang and Teresa Cheung
    Bake Sale - Cheryl MATTHEWS and Carolyn Pearl
    Boarding Parent Representative - Idy Wai and Melissa Blackwood

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  • BSS Parent Association

    The BSS Parent Association builds a welcoming community for all BSS families.
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  • Parent Giving

    The Parent Giving Committee supports the culture of giving at BSS.
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To get involved as a volunteer at BSS, contact a member of the Advancement Team

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