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  • 4 Ways We Prioritize Student Mental Health at Our All Girls School

    The Bishop Strachan School understands that many variables affect mental health. At BSS, we make sure we provide our students with support and encouragement from faculty, staff and fellow students, both inside and outside of the classroom. As a result, BSS graduates are confident, resilient and ready to lead, making the most of every opportunity. Continue reading to discover how current BSS students are supported by our school’s commitment to mental health.
  • Life After BSS: Our Successful Graduates

    The Bishop Strachan School is proud of our Class of 2022 graduates who have worked hard to achieve their academic goals and secure a place at top-tier universities. From university acceptances, both domestic and abroad, to strong test scores and diverse programs of study, there is much to celebrate about the Class of 2022.
  • Improving Access to Our All Girls School in Toronto

    The Bishop Strachan School works consistently to bring our private education for girls to more students and families near and far. Improving access to a strong and future-focused education is an important part of our mission to help students become independent, lifelong learners. 
  • 3 Co-Curricular Activities to Get Involved in at Our JK - Grade 12 Girls’ School

    Students at The Bishop Strachan School have skills and passions that extend beyond the academic curriculum. We encourage and inspire our students through a wide range of co-curricular activities. Students learn important life lessons in the value of perseverance, trying new things, and learning from their mistakes. 
  • Life in the Junior School: What to Expect from Our School for Girls

    The Junior School is where students ignite a lifelong passion for learning. From JK to Grade 6, students at The Bishop Strachan School build a strong foundation in essential academic skills and find the confidence to ask questions about the world around them. Thanks to the enthusiasm of our teachers and extensive  curriculum, our students are able to discover their own areas of interest. In a supportive community, the voices and ideas of our students are everywhere.
  • 3 Reasons to Choose the Boarding Experience at Our All Girls School

    The Bishop Strachan School welcomes students from Grades 8 to 12 to live on campus and make their school experience even more memorable. 

    Our boarding students enjoy easy access to school facilities, special events and outings, and extensive academic or social support from live-in staff members. Living and learning alongside their peers is an experience that bonds our students together
  • Balancing Challenge and Fun at Our Day School for Girls

    The Bishop Strachan School is a place where students enjoy personal and social enrichment, as well as academic achievement. We believe that opportunities for learning go well beyond the classroom, and are found in the wide variety of athletic, social and outdoor activities on offer at BSS. 
  • 3 Ways Students at Our High School for Girls Strengthen Their University Applications

    Applying to university is an exciting time for every high school student as they begin to picture what their next few years will be like at their chosen post-secondary institution. A strong university application isn’t simply acquired at the time of submission but is instead built over the few years leading up to this moment.
  • STEAM: The Value of the Curriculum at our All Girls School in Toronto

    The Bishop Strachan School is where discovery ignites learning. Our all girls school represents the powerful, successful and change-making futures of our  students. With a carefully designed curriculum to challenge our students while also allowing them to develop their unique individual strengths, BSS students learn confidence, leadership and resilience.
  • How Our Middle School for Girls Supports Academic Growth

    At The Bishop Strachan School, we believe academic growth is essential to the well-rounded growth of each of our students. Every year, BSS graduates are offered a placement at top-tier universities and colleges around the world. We want to do everything we can to ensure their utmost preparedness for their new academic endeavours.
  • The Value of Real-World Learning at Our All Girls School

    An education at The Bishop Strachan School is about opening the minds and hearts of young girls as they learn to navigate an increasingly connected world. Through exposure to different disciplines, cultures and experiences, our students become intellectually curious global citizens. 
  • 3 Ways Our Day School for Girls Teaches the Value of Teamwork

    The Bishop Strachan School is a community that supports and inspires the development of girls. We encourage our students to use their voices and work together to foster a sense of belonging. In the process, they gain the confidence to take on new challenges. 
  • Fostering Independence in Students at Our Boarding School for Girls

    Boarding at The Bishop Strachan School is a unique opportunity for students in Grades 8 to 12 to experience personal growth in a caring community. While living away from home, our boarding students learn to balance their studies, social lives and community activities. At BSS, we understand that the transition to a new city and school can be challenging. That’s why we aim to create a warm, inclusive and fun environment that invites each boarder to explore the community at BSS. Through leadership roles, and dorm life, boarders take pride in becoming self-reliant with the life skills needed to prepare them for the future.
  • How Students Give Back to the Community at Our Girls School in Ontario

    Students at The Bishop Strachan School comprise a community of conscious and responsible girls who are committed to making a difference in the world. Our Service Learning initiatives offer a transformative experience that teaches young people the importance of giving back to the community and supporting others in their goals. We give our students the chance to engage with the issues facing local and global communities as they find a purpose larger than themselves. At BSS, students learn that these are the values of a true leader. Discover how we encourage our students to give back to the community during their time at BSS.  
  • 3 Ways Our All Girls School Fosters Lifelong Friendships

    Students at The Bishop Strachan School join a welcoming community that supports the development of the whole person, creating opportunities for lifelong friendships. Your school friends are a network of support that will see you through your personal and professional futures. In an inclusive and welcoming community, every student at BSS is given the chance to form meaningful relationships both inside and outside of the classroom. Read on to discover the opportunities for students to gain lifelong friends at BSS.
  • The Value of Student Support Services at Our Boarding School for Girls

    At The Bishop Strachan School, students learn deeply, get to know themselves and become independent, lifelong learners. The Signature of a BSS Girl comprises many attributes, including grit, compassion and ethical citizenship. Extensive support is provided to each student to support their growth, well-being and success, inside and outside of the classroom. We strive to be an inspirational force for young women to reach their fullest potential. Read on to learn more about the support services available at BSS that make our vision possible.
  • How our Curriculum Challenges Girls to Excel

    The Bishop Strachan School offers an enriching academic experience that combines rigorous programs with an open and inspiring learning environment. In our Senior School, this approach is taken to the next level as your child prepares for success in university and beyond.
  • Welcoming International Students to Our Boarding School for Girls

    At The Bishop Strachan School, we make sure every student feels welcome, cared for and supported during their studies and beyond. This applies to both domestic and international students as they navigate through their academic learning, social lives and personal development.
  • YouBelong Student Leadership Diversity Summit

    Registration for the YouBelong Leadership Diversity Summit is now open! We are excited to announce that YouBelong will be taking place virtually on Thursday, April 7, featuring a keynote address from Anishnaabe writer and activist Riley Yesno.
  • A service learning trip to Belize in 2019 was an eye-opening learning experience for  Grade 11 and 12 students.

    How BSS Creates a Global Learning Experience

    Academics are an integral part of youth development, as well as developing an understanding and perspectives on global issues. At The Bishop Strachan School, we encourage students to develop a sense of purpose and take action in their local, national and global communities.
  • Summer Academy 2022 - Registration Now Open!

    Do you want to get ahead this summer? BSS Summer Academy offers full-credit and one-week skills courses that are fun, engaging and a great way to catch up, get ahead or learn something new! 
  • In December 2021, students collected gently-used winter clothing for a school-wide drive in support of New Circles Community Services, Toronto's largest clothing bank. Service learning provides the opportunity to build community and give back to others.

    Learning Beyond the Classroom at Our All-Girls School

    At The Bishop Strachan School, learning goes beyond the classroom. Students at BSS join a community with diverse interests and abilities, and experience  opportunities for enrichment at every turn. Through co-curricular activities, students develop resilience, confidence, and passion in trying new things and testing their capabilities. From arts to athletics to service learning to student leadership, there’s something for every student at BSS. Read on to learn more about how co-curricular activities bring a valuable dimension to the learning experience at BSS.
  • Investigations & Expressions Professional Learning

    Attention junior, primary and early childhood educators! Registration is now open for Investigations & Expressions 2022! Join experienced teachers from BSS and deepen your knowledge about inquiry-based, Reggio-inspired teaching and learning.
  • Experience the BSS Campus Online

    We are thrilled to share our new 360 tour of BSS!

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