Student Life

Student Leadership

A BSS education allows girls to be leaders in the classroom, on sports teams and clubs, in formal roles and in every aspect of school life.
Student voice is at the centre of our leadership program. By collaborating and taking action on issues they are passionate about, students develop their leadership skills and style in a purposeful and impactful way. They build the foundational skills of strong leaders (such as self-awareness, decision making and effective communication) through training and workshops, and they put these skills into practice in various roles across the school. Through a structured research-informed process, faculty provide feedback that allows students to learn and grow throughout the year, and as they take on more responsibility.
Students actively create a culture of belonging by responding to the needs of the community and designing relevant initiatives. From Junior School to Grade 12, they understand that their actions can have a positive impact on the world around them. They learn that leadership is more than a title; it’s about empowering, mentoring and supporting their peers.

Junior School

Every student has the capacity to be a leader. It is a skill that can be acquired over time, and students are given many opportunities to develop and demonstrate leadership. Students come to know that leadership requires important skills, like listening to others and learning to incorporate the collective ideas of a group to accomplish challenges together. These experiences then set them up for success in Grade 6, when they engage in workshops about self-awareness, while taking on more responsibility within our Junior School community.
Leadership activities in the Junior School
  • Younger students organize events and share their stories at Chapel and Assembly.
  • Grade 4 and 5 girls are learning buddies for JK - Grade 2 students.
  • Grade 5 girls volunteer on the JK/SK playground and play with the girls at recess.
  • Grade 6 students run Chapel and Assembly, organize House spirit events and run service initiatives like food drives for local organizations such as Flemingdon Food Bank.

Middle and Senior School

In Grades 7 and 8, students learn that a leader inspires and motivates others both in quiet and public ways. There are a variety of opportunities for students to develop leadership skills. Through Homeroom activities, students learn about different leadership styles and ways of leading. Throughout the year, they exercise leadership through co-curriculars and community engagement programs, during Assemblies and Chapels, on councils, clubs and teams, and by planning events and attending workshops. 

In Grades 9 - 12, students practice leadership through participation in many ways. They strengthen the school culture by organizing initiatives and activities that build a sense of pride and belonging. Our student leaders make BSS a welcoming community, where all students feel a sense of belonging. Grade 11 and 12 students wishing to take on formal leadership positions are elected or appointed  by their peers and faculty. Students can apply to be interviewed for many other leadership roles including Student Ambassadors, Council Heads, Mentors and Co-Curricular Heads.

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  • A group of grads wearing their Grad sweatshirts pose for a photo with the Senior School Principal

    Leadership Retreat

    The Leadership Retreat is a unique opportunity for senior student leaders to become agents of change within the school and beyond. The retreat (along with other training throughout the year) helps students enhance their skills and impact through workshops, activities and reflections that build their leadership toolkit and foster growth. Themes include communication and group facilitation; building inclusive spaces; and how to lead teams and be effective collectively. The retreat also offers an opportunity for students to connect and plan as a larger student leadership team.

Leadership Opportunities

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  • Leadership Roles

    • Head Prefect
    • Head Boarder
    • Grad Prefect
    • House Prefect
    • 7 Pillar Prefects (Initiatives, Service Leadership, School Life and Community Voices)
    • House Heads
    • Student Ambassadors
    • Council Heads
    • Grade 9 Mentors
    • Middle School Mentors
    • Academic Team Heads
    • Student Community Group Heads
    • Ensemble Heads
  • Councils

    • Arts Council
    • Academics Council
    • Athletics Council
    • Boarding Council
    • Business Council
    • Chapel Council
    • Communications Council
    • Events Council
    • Environment Council
    • Global Awareness Council
    • Grad Council
    • Grade 9 Mentors
    • House Heads
    • Mental Health Council
    • Middle School Mentors
    • School Life Council
    • Service Leadership Council
    • Wellness Council
    • Women’s Empowerment Council
  • Academic Groups

    • DECA
    • HOSA
    • Math Society
    • Mock Trial
    • Model United Nations
    • Robotics
    • Science Club
    • Science Olympiad
    • Speaker’s Union
  • Community Groups

    • Asian Student Union
    • Black Student Union
    • Muslim Student Union
    • Jewish Student Union
    • Peer Connections
    • Moral Courage Task Force
    • Gender Sexuality Alliance
    • Spectrum school newspaper