Student Life


At BSS, athletics is a vital part of the student experience. It is a chance for girls to develop new skills, self-esteem, sportsmanship, leadership and grit.
At BSS, an athlete is more than someone who competes on a team; they can be anybody who likes to challenge themselves physically, whether the activity is archery, rock climbing, rugby or skiing. We offer a variety of sports with different skill levels and entry points to meet athletes where they are, teach students new sports and challenge those who are highly skilled. We also provide a specialized program for high performing athletes to ensure a balance with the academic curriculum. 

Through our Athletics program, athletes learn time management, commitment and responsibility. They learn to focus and set priorities, and they benefit from improved self-confidence and well-being. At BSS, girls develop a lifelong enjoyment of sport, physical activity and being involved. Experienced coaches work alongside our teachers, allowing for high-level competition in a safe environment. Our teacher-coaches possess a deep understanding of our students’ physical abilities and social-emotional needs, helping enhance their athletic performance. They also make practices and games fun and memorable for all. The result is a high retention rate and a deeper love of sport and physical activity. 

BSS is part of the Conference of Independent Schools Athletic Association, providing athletes with challenging competitive experiences. We also offer club teams in Grades 7 and 8 for students to learn a new sport while participating in another sport. 

Our outstanding facilities include a turf field (the first of any girls’ school in Ontario), two gyms, a pool, dance studios, a rock-climbing wall and a fitness centre. The Fitness Centre houses a variety of cardio machines, free weights, kettlebells, a squat rack and more. Students use this space under the guidance of a qualified fitness professional who can help them meet their fitness goals.

Junior School

The Junior School Athletics program offers students the chance to explore various sports. We want students to get active, stay active and uncover the strengths and interests. Athletes in Grades 1 to 4 participate in a multi-sport program that aligns closely with the Long Term Development Framework. Developed by the independent non-profit Sport for Life Society, this program focuses on what children need to be doing at specific ages and stages to develop in their sport or activity. Athletes in Grade 4 are invited to join competitive play in a selection of sports, including cross country, hockey, and track and field, and Grade 5 and 6 athletes can compete in CISAA inter-school competitions.

Middle and Senior School

In the Middle and Senior School, we encourage exploration while honing students’ skills in their preferred sport as they get older. 

Grade 7 and 8 students can participate in athletics either through club sports (designed to introduce students to a new sport by teaching them fundamental skills) or through division sports, where students compete in CISAA inter-school competitions. Through our divisional program, we focus on meaningful competition against equivalent schools. 

In Grades 9 to 12, competition increases, with more opportunities to participate in division-level sports. Students can also participate outside of CISAA at OFSAA, CAIS and other school association tournaments. With passion and focus, students excel at their sport, hone their leadership skills and work together as a team in practices and games.

What athletics looks like at BSS