Middle and Senior School

Grades 9 to 12

In Grades 9 to 12, students are challenged by a powerful curriculum that demands their curiosity and commitment. They develop strong academic, communication and collaboration skills. They also learn to overcome obstacles, appreciate different perspectives and care about the world around them.
The program is comprehensive, offering more than 100 credit courses. Electives are available in business, technology, and visual and media arts, among other areas. Under the guidance of their university counsellor, students build their own academic path. BSS not only meets, but surpasses the Ontario curriculum, enhancing it with experiential opportunities and enrichment. Students ask big questions and answer them through inquiry and exploration. They are inspired by meaningful assignments that tackle relevant, current problems. BSS students are well-prepared for post-secondary studies, with strong critical thinking, communication, analytical and research skills. They can motivate and advocate for themselves. And just as importantly, they discover their voice and themselves. They embody the Signature of a BSS Girl.

Our graduates go out into the world as intellectually capable and compassionate people who are able to speak with confidence about what they know and understand. All our graduates are offered placement at top-tier universities, and a third go into STEM programs, such as science, technology, engineering, architecture, math and direct-entry medicine.

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  • Advanced Placement

    BSS offers 14 Advanced Placement (AP) credits and the AP Capstone Diploma, which provides an enriched, fast-paced university-level curriculum. Our students' strong results in AP courses confirm their readiness for post-secondary studies. Learn more about our AP program.
  • Co-Curriculars

    We know that learning happens everywhere. In Grades 9 - 12, there are many opportunities to practice leadership, experience the outdoor world, learn through travel and participate in teams, clubs and affinity groups. Learn more about co-curriculars at BSS.

    There are also opportunities for students to take on formal leadership roles within the school. In some cases, students are elected by their peers and faculty. In others, they are interviewed by Faculty Advisors and student leaders. Positions range from Prefects and Ambassadors, to Mentors, Academic Team Heads and Team Captains. After all, leadership is best learned by doing!
  • Co-operative Education

    With the BSS Co-operative Education program, students in Grades 11 and 12 get real-world, hands-on experience and mentorship from experts in their field. The program combines in-class learning with placements at non-profit organizations or businesses, turning theory into practice and experience into networks.
  • Online Learning

    Online courses are available to BSS students. They offer solid course material, great teachers, collaboration with other students and strong support.
  • Personal Support and Well-Being

    Our school counsellors work with students to support their social and emotional life and overall well-being. Through one-on-one support, group meetings and workshops, counsellors build meaningful relationships with students and their families. They provide academic counselling, connect with Learning Specialists as needed, and work closely with the University Counsellors on academic planning based on post-secondary requirements. Our counsellors are experts in the social and emotional life of girls and are devoted to helping students develop confidence and resilience.
  • University Preparation and Guidance

    The academic program in Grades 9 - 12 lays a strong foundation for university studies. Our students have strong critical thinking, communication, analytical and research skills. They are motivated and can advocate for themselves. They embrace challenge and change. One hundred per cent of BSS graduates are offered placement at top-tier universities and colleges in Canada, the United States and globally. Our dedicated university counsellors work with students on their academic and post-secondary planning, helping them navigate the complex landscape of university admissions. Learn more about our graduates.

Sheila Barclay, Mathematics Teacher and Lead Mentor

Whenever possible, we offer experiences that allow for student voice and choice. Teachers are there to guide student thinking, suggest resources and to ensure that multiple sources and perspectives are incorporated into the work.

What learning looks like in Grades 9 - 12

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  • Connecting Math to the Real World

    How do you represent abstract mathematical concepts in the real world? That’s the question posed to Grade 10 math students who are studying quadratics.
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  • Crafting a Defense of a Banned Book

    In Grade 9 English, students learn about censorship, while gaining skills in persuasive argumentation, textual analysis and written communication. 
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  • Learning the Ins and Outs of Small Business

    Creating, marketing and running a small business is a complex undertaking. For Market Day, Grade 11 Entrepreneurship students develop a business plan and marketing strategy for products such as jewelry, food and clothing, or services such as henna tattooing.
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