The BSS Difference

Signature of a BSS Girl

The Signature of a BSS Girl is an evidence-based set of personal attributes that are encouraged, nurtured and taught at The Bishop Strachan School. It is the product of intensive research on girls’ psychology, well-being, character development and leadership.
We believe it is vital for students to look both inward at themselves and outward, understanding and caring about their impact on others. Curiosity, self-awareness, grit, voice and leadership are viewed through the lens of a growth mindset when focused on the self, and ethical citizenship when focused on the self in relation to others. 

Taken as a whole, these attributes are critical to the development of character and set the stage for success. Everything that happens at BSS, from academics to co-curricular activities, is designed to help students develop these traits. Through a supportive environment and our unique Culture of Powerful Learning, each student is able to reach her full potential and make a difference in the world.

List of 2 items.

  • Growth Mindset

    I am committed to hard work, persistence, and a desire to learn. I cultivate the attributes of the Signature of a BSS Girl to prepare for life’s opportunities and challenges.
  • Ethical Citizenship

    I am committed to being an ethical citizen, valuing multiple perspectives, inclusivity and empathy.

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  • Curiosity

    What? Who? Why? When? How? How come? I have a curious, open mind. I like to explore, investigate and uncover. The more I learn, the more my world opens up.
  • Self-Awareness

    I am more than what you see. You are more than what I see. I use my thoughts, feelings and actions to know myself. And express what I stand for. The more honest I am with myself, the more compassionate I become.
  • Grit

    Even when it’s difficult, I strive to achieve my goals. I have a keen focus. My passion pushes me to achieve something meaningful. Even if I fail, I tell myself I have grown.
  • Voice

    I hear a voice in my head, my heart, my gut. I decide when and how to use it, for myself, and those with no voice. It’s sometimes strong, sometimes soft. But it’s always there. And always worthy.
  • Leadership

    The more I find ways to reach my own goals and face my own challenges head on, the more I can help others do the same. As a leader, a follower or something in between.
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    Explore the research behind the Signature of a BSS Girl and our Culture of Powerful Learning.