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We're proud of our unique approach to girls' education.
We are dedicated to empowering students to become capable, confident leaders who embody the Signature of a BSS Girl – girls who lead with empathy, curiosity and grit. Girls who are not afraid to try, to fail and to get up again. Girls with a thirst for the endless pursuit of learning.We’re committed to helping students embark on a journey of personal growth, facilitating hands-on experiences, and fostering a sense of community and purpose.

We believe all girls' schools create a strong foundation for students to grow into and thrive as leaders. With opportunities to lead the student body, participate in academic clubs, volunteer, and take part in sports and performing arts, girls at BSS take action. As an inclusive all-girls' school, we offer unique opportunities for students to find and pursue their aspirations without limitations. Our environment fosters exploration and innovation, preparing students to lead confidently beyond our school.

Lauren HASEGAWA Lake '09

BSS broadened my horizons and the effect of that cannot be overestimated. It opened my mind to new opportunities and taught me to raise the bar and dream big.