Student Life

BSS Boarding

Boarding at The Bishop Strachan School is a unique opportunity for students in Grades 8 to 12 to grow and learn in a new environment. Through our comprehensive and active program, students become more self-reliant and self-aware, develop confidence and learn to lead.
Alongside our challenging academic program, we emphasize life skill development, holistic well-being and safety in everything we do - from exciting on- and off-campus programming to the daily routines that shape Boarding life.

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Learning First

The Boarding experience supports academic success while helping each boarder grow as a person. Every evening, boarders spend one to two hours doing homework and working on projects. The Study Advisor, a qualified teacher, is ready to help them achieve their academic goals. Tutors and specialized academic workshops are also available.


We offer a comprehensive range of evening and weekend programming, including fitness classes, outdoor education, team sports, food and nutrition workshops and mental health and well-being resources. This programming is led by BSS Well-Being staff and external coaches and educators. These activities help students understand their own needs and prioritize their physical and social-emotional health.

Independence in Our World-Class City

Boarders are supported to independently and confidently engage with Toronto in an age-appropriate way. Opportunities for off-campus leaves help boarders at every grade level develop the necessary skills to safely navigate the city. Our annual programming includes experiences such as tours of Toronto neighbourhoods, concerts, art exhibits, festivals, performing arts shows, skiing, kayaking, hiking and professional sporting events.

Personal Life Management

We offer an enriching program of workshops on topics such as academic and time management, the arts, film, literature, financial planning, cooking and more. Through formal leadership roles, participation in community activities and skills workshops, boarders develop confidence, learn how to set goals, make and execute plans, and communicate well. They identify their skills, passions and areas of growth. They understand how to effect positive change. And they grow into independent and resilient young adults.


BSS Boarding is an international community. Boarders develop an understanding of their impact on others by connecting and engaging with their peers and the broader community. They build their social networks, gain cultural competency and make lasting friendships through service learning and community engagement projects.
Within our residence, students' room locations and programming are based on age. Every Boarder is a member of one of six multi-age “families.” Throughout the year, families gather for games, outings and special events. At weekly Monday Night Dinners, all boarders gather to share a meal in a mixed-grade group together, followed by cultural and student-led activities.  Older boarders support younger ones. It’s another way we make the atmosphere warm and homelike.

Safe at Home

BSS staff take our responsibility for boarders seriously, knowing that we are acting as their guardians while they are at school. We form close bonds with boarders and communicate regularly with families. It’s a big step to leave home and live in a new city or country. That’s why we strive to create a supportive and encouraging atmosphere.
Borders are protected by multiple layers of security, including a round-the-clock security guard, alarmed doors operated by swipe cards and security cameras. Students are required to sign in and out when they leave campus. Boarding is structured for Grade 8 students, and their autonomy grows as they move through the higher grades.

What life looks like in Boarding