Student Support

From JK to Grade 12, we support student well-being  and promote a sense of belonging. We do everything we can to encourage balance and accommodate students’ lives outside school. 
Our caring faculty and staff create a welcoming, inclusive environment. One thing is certain – if a BSS student needs support, a listening ear and a caring heart are always at hand.Whether it is academic or personal challenges, we nurture every student. This is at the core of the BSS school experience.

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    Enhanced Support

    The Learning Resource Centre (LRC) is a quiet space in the school that fosters independence through strategy-based teaching and supports and facilitates accommodations for students with an Individual Education Plan (IEP). We have a team of two learning resource specialists who provide a wide range of support to all students, especially those who have a Ministry-defined IEP. Students are supported by assistive technology, language resources and skills-based workshops.

    The LRC is also a terrific place for all students to find the academic support they need at different times in their school career. Extra help is offered through a peer-tutoring program on a drop-in basis.
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    Students from JK to Grade 12 are assigned to one of 12 BSS Houses, each with its own colour and mascot. A House is a smaller community within the school that encourages students to interact informally with girls in other grades in many fun and supportive ways throughout the year.
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    Spiritual Guidance

    BSS honours the whole person, nurturing academic, athletic, artistic, social and spiritual growth. Students gather weekly in our historic Chapel in a spirit of inclusivity that affirms our multifaith and multicultural community. Our Chaplain helps students explore their spirituality, fosters a community of ethical responsibility and provides spiritual support through individual counselling. Traditions like the annual Opening and Closing Chapels, the Remembrance Day Service and the Nativity Play bring many generations of the BSS community together and remind students of the value of ritual and tradition.
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    Student Services

    No matter what the circumstances, whether a student is new to BSS, transitioning to a new grade, preparing for university, facing personal challenges or just looking for a quiet spot to work, our Student Services team is there to help.

    Counsellors are experienced in encouraging students to recognize their own interests and aptitudes, develop effective interpersonal skills, expand educational plans and explore a variety of career paths. When it comes to choosing a university and finding the right fit, Student Services has a library of information and hosts over a hundred university representative visits each year.
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    Teacher Advisory Groups (TAG)

    All BSS students participate in advisory programs, small groups of students who meet regularly with a faculty member. In the Senior School, each student is part of a Teacher Advisory Group (TAG) with the same advisor from Grade 9 to Grade 12. It’s an opportunity to talk about personal and academic challenges, or just to reflect on the world around them. Boarding also offers Family Advisory Groups.
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    With nurses on site, the Wellness Centre supports the physical and mental health of students and delivers health and wellness initiatives. In a time of life marked by constant change, our school psychologist is available to talk about the complexities of school and personal life.

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  • University Preparation

    Supporting students as they plan for the future is an important task that requires expertise. BSS Counsellors regularly visit college and university campuses in Ontario, the rest of Canada, the US, the UK and other international destinations to connect with admissions officers, learn about new programs, and keep up-to-date with admission requirements. Our counsellors work with students to plan for life after BSS in individual appointments, Grade 10 Careers class, Grade 11 Guidance sessions, and Grade 12 Guidance classes.
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Health & Physical Education

We believe in the value of healthy activity to promote physical and emotional well-being. Our Physical Education curriculum includes mental health components. Our superb facilities offer something for everyone. They include:

  • Four gyms
  • Sports fields
  • Two dance studios
  • A fitness centre with on-site fitness instructor
  • A rock-climbing wall
  • A pool
  • Junior School playgrounds
  • Nearby spaces for outdoor experiential learning