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Junior School (Junior Kindergarten – Grade 6)

A strong start means a better finish. Our Junior School’s inquiry-based learning approach gives JK to Grade 6 students just that, encouraging them to express themselves as they learn, grow, collaborate and create. All the while having an awful lot of fun.



We are intentional – right from the first day of JK – in welcoming our girls to a rigorous academic environment where they are encouraged to be confident, creative, collaborative thinkers who are ready to take on the challenges of the world around them.

What’s the big idea at BSS Junior School? We’ve got lots of them. Students explore new overarching ideas that connect to what they’re working on and helps them see things anew. From independence to diversity, gratitude and ethical citizenship, the girls immerse themselves in ideas, the bigger the better. View the 2016-17 Big Idea poster.

At the core of our curriculum is the Signature of a BSS Girl, which establishes a set of personal attributes that are encouraged, nurtured and taught at BSS.


JK-Grade 6


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One walk through the Junior School is enough to know what learning looks like for our girls. You’ll see the details of the learning process, documented in the form of videos, photographs and written stories that feature a inspiring account of the learning experience. For students, it’s a way to look back on what they’ve accomplished throughout the year. For parents and other teachers, it’s a tool to analyze the learning process to help guide future exploration. Seeing is believing!

Take a look:  Observational Drawing  |  Serviceberries  |  Theories & Wonderings

BSS magically keeps the children engaged by making the curriculum about projects the girls direct themselves. The work continues over days, sometimes weeks, and every night our daughters enthusiastically relate the progress the class has made towards its goal. It’s thrilling to hear how their ideas evolve and become reality.
–  Susan, JS Parent

Core Principles

We’ve built our Junior School program on the fundamental principles of the Reggio inspired approach, which values children’s ideas and empowers their capacity to enrich others in their quest to interpret the world around them. At BSS, we value >


We are committed to academic excellence in literacy, mathematics, science and social studies. We are equally dedicated to the integration of the arts, technology, languages and physical education into the experiences of our students.

2. INQUIRY (on every level)

Teachers and students work together to carefully and intentionally construct learning experiences, within and beyond the school walls, allowing for deep engagement in the exploration of ideas and concepts across core curriculum domains.


Students, teachers and parents make up the learning community, building relationships so each learner is known and sharing in the inquiry journey. We document the learning process so this journey is visible to everyone involved, inviting a shared and broader understanding.


We value the contributions made by every one of our learners, including students and teachers. We believe that every girl is rich in potential and possesses the capacity to succeed within the curriculum expectations and beyond.

BSS Junior Music Students

Co-curricular activities

Co-curricular activities are a fun and important part of the BSS experience at every grade. At the Junior School level, girls can choose from a number of organized academic clubs that introduce various types of activities and encourage students to explore their interests. These clubs are offered during recess two days a week beginning in October.

Another forum for co-curricular activities is BSS Fun Plus, our after school program for JK to Grade 6 that features different activities, including a balanced selection of programs from the arts, drama, physical education, technology and science. Information regarding cost and registration for BSS Fun Plus is available at the beginning of each term.

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Junior School Spaces

We’ve designed the Junior School to be open, bright and conducive to creativity and collaboration; a place where both students and teachers feel inspired, and the perfect place for young girls to thrive. Click here to find out more about our expansive campus.