Senior School teacher Krishpa Kotecha gestures while talking with a student working on a math problem at a desk

Krishpa Kotecha

Senior School, Mathematics

Ms. Kotecha has been teaching at BSS for 18 years and currently teaches Senior School mathematics. A former financial advisor and tax specialist, a project early in her career working with the Canada Revenue Agency reignited her love of math and led to a master’s degree in which she discovered a knack for teaching.
Her graduate research focused on how a growth mindset enables students’ problem-solving skills. “When students feel that they can problem-solve, they actually can,” she explains. In her classroom at BSS, Ms. Kotecha sees herself as a facilitator; her role is to listen and urge students to continue, even if they make mistakes along the way, as they develop their confidence and skills. “When you’re problem-solving and analyzing, you have to make mistakes to make connections,” she explains. “The thing that I do with students who have difficulty with math is to let them know that I believe in them and there isn’t one chance. Let’s just keep going until you get it.”

One of Ms. Kotecha’s favourite things about working at BSS is the opportunity for professional development, and this year has been an exciting one for the math department, as they worked with a consultant who helped them develop new ways of teaching for a diverse range of learners.