Junior School teacher Kerri Embry reads a book with a young student

Kerri Embrey

Junior School, Grade 5

Ms. Embrey has spent the last 14 years teaching in the Junior School and was excited to see some of the students from her first JK class graduate in June 2020. Prior to coming to BSS, she taught in Bangkok at a Reggio-inspired school where her interest in our pedagogical style was sparked.
The identity of a child and their individual way of learning is at the forefront of the Reggio style of learning. Providing a child with the right to be listened to and heard, and recognizing her identity are central in Ms. Embrey’s teaching.  

This approach comes through in all aspects of her teaching. For example, when her students explore poetry, they study different poets, transforming language in new ways, and writing their own poems.

When Ms. Embrey isn’t at BSS, she spends a significant amount of time on her passion for working with different educators and teaching courses through the Ontario Reggio Association.