Joan GALLIE McDonald ’62

Archery’s gold medal coach

World-class athlete and renowned Olympic archery coach Joan GALLIE McDonald ‘62 blazed a trail for women in sport, and has made a profound contribution to the lives of young athletes who aspire to the Olympic dream.
Throughout the ups and downs of life as a competitive athlete in a sport that was still fledgling in Canada, she took in the life experiences that would inform her later career as a highly respected and sought-after archery coach.

Joan GALLIE McDonald ‘62

Can’t is a big word. Get rid of it. If you don’t believe in yourself, the word ‘can’t’ will win. The most important thing is being aware of how you feel, honouring that, and believing in your ability to succeed.
Joan coaches archers ranging from beginners to international competitors. She also coaches BSS girls who want to learn archery and provides for them not only lessons in technique, but lessons in life.