Head Boarder embraces leadership and community

Grade 12 student Ana Maria G is flying high as Head Boarder. This role requires Ana Maria, who has been a BSS student since Grade 9, to lead boarding council meetings and organize activities among her fellow boarders.
“We help promote boarding spirit: we approach all grades and make sure they’re all doing okay,” says Ana Maria, listing dodgeball, friendly house competitions (she’s in St. Monica’s) and weekend activity days as some of the council’s regular events.

She advanced her leadership skills as an Ambassador and the Global Awareness Head before becoming Head Boarder. “BSS offers you the opportunity to meet different groups and explore who you are as a leader,” says Ana Maria. The Financial Assi-stance program at BSS provides support for exceptional students like Ana Maria, who take advantage of every opportunity the school offers.

Beyond her formal roles, Ana Maria also appreciates the informal aspects of BSS boarding life. “I really like being a boarder. It’s this 24/7 community. We go to dinner together, make friends from all grades, do homework and go downtown together,” says Ana Maria. She also likes cross-country running in the neighbourhood and hanging out with her sister Majo, who is in Grade 11.

Ana Maria, who is from Mexico City, says that attending BSS has created many opportunities for her. “BSS has helped to open more pathways for university and career choices that I may not have had in Mexico.” She adds that it’s been fun meeting people from all over the world. “I’ve made friends with boarders from Vietnam, the United States, Germany, Jamaica, Bahamas, and China,” she says.

Though Ana Maria has always loved math, she is planning her career around a subject she began learning about recently: “I want to study economics. I’m interested in policy-making in the future in Mexico.” She says that BSS has given her the confidence to apply to universities in the United States and the UK, as well as Canada.