Instilling the spirit of giving at BSS

As soon as their big sister Sienna came to BSS for Grade 8, Samantha and Olivia wanted to attend as well. This year, the new Grade 6 sisters’ dream has come true.
Sienna inspired her younger sisters through her involvement last year, when she joined the basketball team, performed in the BSS/UCC musical theatre production and sang in the choir. “One thing that Sienna loves about BSS is the opportunity to do so many different things,” says her father Tim Baron. Now, Samantha and Olivia are eager to get involved in extracurriculars and other opportunities too.

Tamara Baron, the girls’ mother, says she appreciates the BSS mission to create well-rounded students. “I love the power of ‘girls can do anything’ and I want them to be strong and not afraid to try new things.” She also loves the number of volunteer opportunities that are available to her daughters.

Joining the BSS community, the Barons were eager to contribute. They both enjoyed Deck the Hall, an annual event organized by the Parent Association to build communtiy and support fundraising needs at the school. Tamara also started volunteering with the General Store. “I loved it,” she says. “You meet so many parents and everybody is so welcoming.”

The Barons’ experiences at BSS inspired them to contribute financially in support of Academic and Program Enrichment. “We’re all lucky to have this opportunity for our children at BSS,” says Tim Baron. “To the extent that we can support that through giving, I think that’s important for all parents.”

He adds that he hopes BSS will help shape his daughters into young women who will value a sense of community and giving in the future. “I hope their BSS education helps them to grow: to build a love of learning, self-development and growth academically, but also in terms of building self-awareness, pursuing goals and working hard.”