Learning the Ins and Outs of Small Business

Creating, marketing and running a small business is a complex undertaking. For Market Day, Grade 11 Entrepreneurship students develop a business plan and marketing strategy for products such as jewelry, food and clothing, or services such as henna tattooing.
After procuring or making their products, they create a Shopify site to sell them to the BSS community and coordinate the logistics of fulfilling orders. At the in-person Market Day, they experience the basics of customer service, handling cash and evaluating pricing. Afterward, they prepare financial statements and assess their profit margin and return on investment. The best part? Paying it forward. Fifty percent of proceeds from students’ sales go to micro-lending organization Kiva. Through this project, students hone their skills in financial and digital literacy, time management, organization and communication, while making a real impact for female entrepreneurs in developing nations.