Fostering Independence in Students at Our Boarding School for Girls

Boarding at The Bishop Strachan School is a unique opportunity for students in Grades 8 to 12 to experience personal growth in a caring community. While living away from home, our boarding students learn to balance their studies, social lives and community activities. At BSS, we understand that the transition to a new city and school can be challenging. That’s why we aim to create a warm, inclusive and fun environment that invites each boarder to explore the community at BSS. Through leadership roles, and dorm life, boarders take pride in becoming self-reliant with the life skills needed to prepare them for the future.
Encouraging Independent Study 

Students at our boarding school will find a space where they can work towards their academic goals. In the boarding program, learning comes first. We provide a structured environment so each boarder can develop a routine that supports their personal and academic success. 

Every evening, boarders spend time in the Learning Commons doing homework and working on other projects. Here, they learn the value of independent work for reaching their full potential. With the support of a Study Advisor, tutors and specialized academic workshops, students at our boarding school for girls find confidence in their own abilities and establish academic habits that will set them up for success in the future. 

Balancing Structure and Free Time

We aim to strike the perfect balance between guiding our boarders in a caring community and encouraging their independence. Boarding students live on campus in a safe and secure neighbourhood, with different schedules and rules for specific age groups. This provides the right balance between independence and structure, giving students the chance to explore their surroundings.

For example, students can take the opportunity to visit Toronto – an energetic city full of interesting sights and activities. On the weekends, boarders can visit cafes and museums, as well as see movies, concerts, sports events and more. 

For Grade 8 students, boarding is relatively structured and scheduled, and autonomy grows as students move through higher grades. That way, we give our boarding students a foundation from which they can develop their own sense of responsibility and freedom.  

Students Take the Lead at Our Boarding School for Girls

At our high school for girls, boarding students have the opportunity to hone their leadership skills by taking on a variety of roles in boarding life. Leadership positions include Head Boarder, House Heads, Family Dons, Head Mentor and Community Representatives. This is a chance for students to develop their confidence and a strong sense of self–qualities that will prepare them for the transition into university life. 

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