Choosing Your Academic Path at Our All Girls School

At The Bishop Strachan School, we strive for excellence in every aspect of students’ lives. This is achieved by helping students find their strengths, solidify their goals and pursue a meaningful  academic path. 
BSS supports its students as they try new things and begin to identify an academic pathway that sets them up for success  and prepares them for university and their future careers. We believe that these valuable opportunities at a young age can help students better identify their passions and interests, which is why we offer a well-rounded curriculum focused on building confident, resilient leaders. Continue reading to discover how students find their academic path at BSS.

100+ Senior School Course Options at Our All Girls School

In Grades 9-12 at BSS, our Senior School students drive their own learning through curiosity and commitment. Our comprehensive curriculum offers over 100 credit courses, allowing students to customize their education which encourages them toward a field of study that interests them. At our all girls school, students are encouraged to ask big questions and explore possible answers through inquiry and collaboration with their peers, helping them pick up strong academic skills, such as communication and critical thinking along the way.

AP Courses Provide an In-Depth Experience

In AP courses, students are able to expand on their  understanding of course material in an environment with advanced instruction and support. The enriched curriculum found within AP courses challenges students to stretch their abilities and explore university-level materials. These courses truly provide students with the skills, preparation and understanding they need to continue their studies in university.  BSS students’ AP test score results exceed international averages. BSS offers 14 Advanced Placement courses including the AP Capstone Diploma program. Students can customize their selections and no matter what academic path students choose to pursue at university, they will be adequately prepared for their Post Secondary education.

Creating a Strong Foundation with Our Middle School Curriculum

During a formative time in our students' lives, the Middle School curriculum provides an exceptional foundation from which students can grow their academic profiles. Through inquiry and project-based education, students develop a love of learning and continue to feel excited about their courses and supported in their learning. The exploratory, integrative approach allows for relevant lessons that help students form their academic interests. This helps build a strong vision of the academic path they want to pursue through Senior School and beyond. 

Our Student Services Team Will Help You Choose Your Path

Course Selection is supported by counselors from our Student Services team who help students recognize their aptitudes, develop their academic and professional skills and explore possible paths for their futures. Working together, students, staff and families are able to make the best decisions regarding the student’s future.

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