3 Ways to Get Involved in the Arts at BSS

The arts are an integral part of our curriculum at The Bishop Strachan School. Whether it’s visual and media arts, theatre or dance, our students are given many opportunities to explore their creativity in the classroom and outside of it. 
We believe the arts are an integral part of how our students learn about themselves and the world around them. It also allows them to find their freedom of self-expression, build confidence in their abilities and develop lifelong passions. Here are three ways our students participate in the arts at BSS. 

1. Try Your Hand at Visual and Media Art

Through our visual arts program, students are given the opportunity to develop their knowledge and skills in everything from drawing, painting, sculpting and printmaking, as well as the creation of collages, multimedia works and works using emerging technologies. Students are taught how to use the critical analysis process to deconstruct artworks and explore connections between art and society.

The hallways of our school are filled with the ideas our students express in their art, this includes photographs, video projects, paintings and more. These pieces celebrate the learning process and help foster a supportive environment that inspires further creativity in our students. 

2. Find Your Confidence on the Stage at BSS

When students are on the stage, they engage in a collaborative process, build social and communication skills and improve their self-esteem and confidence. Whether participating in a play, dancing as part of a musical or taking a role backstage in production, students are encouraged to experiment and express their creativity on the stage. 

In the classroom, students interpret dramatic literature and other texts and media sources while learning about various theories of directing and acting. They also analyze how the knowledge and skills developed in drama are related to their personal skills, social awareness and goals beyond their time in school.

3. Develop an Ear for Music at Our Private School for Girls

Music education is an integral part of the arts program at BSS. Music not only offers a form of creative expression, but it also functions as a tool of discipline and stress relief for our students. By picking up a new instrument, students enjoy the satisfaction of refining a technical skill set while developing an appreciation for music that will stick with them for life. Singing is known to help strengthen the immune system, lower stress and improve mental alertness. By singing in the choir at BSS, students will reap these benefits, as well as collaborate with their peers to lift their voices together in harmony.

From private lessons to Jazz Band, Strings and Choir, there are numerous opportunities for students to explore their musical talents at The Bishop Strachan School in Toronto. At every grade level, our students deepen their musical literacy skills and develop their understanding of musical conventions, practices, and terminology. 

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