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Outdoor Education & Global Learning

Learning through nature and travel

Outdoor Education

Nature is a powerful teacher. Whether it’s a hike in a nearby ravine, a team-building camp, or an overnight expedition into the wilderness, the BSS Outdoor and Environmental Education program introduces students to the wonders of the natural world. It also teaches them the responsibility to protect it.
The Statten-Northway Award, unique to BSS, inspires Middle School students to be involved in service, skills development and physical recreation. In the Senior School, it’s the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award (Duke of Ed), a renowned program that fosters positive lifestyle habits and skills. At any time, more than 100 BSS girls are working on levels for the Duke of Ed.

Statten-Northway and Duke of Ed - Challenging yourself outdoors and in

Winter camping in snow quinzees. Long paddles on the French River. For many BSS girls, this is their idea of fun – well okay, challenge! The Statten- Northway Award inspires Middle School students to be involved in service, skills development and physical recreation. In the Senior School, it’s the Duke of Ed, an international award program that fosters positive skills and lifestyle habits. Currently more than 100 BSS girls are working on a level of the Duke of Ed.

Samantha, Grade 10 student

We built quinzees from snow and slept outside in them for the Duke of Ed. Making them ourselves was hard at first, but we really worked together and stuck with it.

Global Learning

We encourage our students to go beyond their comfort zones by traveling outside their province or country. Travel deepens learning, tests perseverance and grit, provides perspective, and opens new horizons.

BSS offers reciprocal exchanges for students. Grade 10 students have travelled to Melbourne Girls Grammar School in Australia, and Grade 11 students have gone to Sacred Heart, Tokyo.
Past Global Experiences:
  • Canadian identity and sea kayaking adventure, Vancouver Island, B.C.
  • Care and conservation in Costa Rica
  • CIS Drama Festival workshops led by the cast and crew of Stratford Festival plays, Stratford, Ontario
  • Language and culture immersion in France
  • Performing arts trips to New York, Cuba and others
  • Trips to Arizona, Jamaica, Ecuador, the Amazon, and more

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  • Student taking a girl's blood pressure with a teacher pointing at the pressure gauge

    Belize – opening eyes, broadening perspectives

    For a group of BSS students in Grades 11 and 12, the 2019 service trip to Belize was an eye-opening experience. The girls worked in a rural community health centre, seeing first hand the impact of poverty on the health of families. This is more than tourism: the girls worked with community health workers, taking blood pressures, glucose readings and performing other non-invasive medical procedures. They also learned about the culture and heritage of local indigenous populations and the legacy of colonialism.

Charlotte, Grade 10 student

Travelling with your school helps you understand all the different ways people live. Going to Japan with BSS made me think about my life in Canada differently.