A turf field is an exciting opportunity to enhance our student and community experience. We know social interaction and togetherness are key elements of well-being and community. We also know building character through physical activity and athletics is a vital aspect of the BSS student experience.

Now we can Change the Game for BSS athletes and our student experience: we will be the first girls’ school in Ontario to have a turf field. 

  • Increased student participation in school-based sport means we have added more teams on the field like field hockey, soccer, flag football and rugby.
  • Our physical education program is an essential part of the daily curriculum for the whole school, and is no longer simply co-curricular. 
  • The current field is not in optimal condition, and increased programming is challenged by the grass playing field and poor drainage.
  • Distress from inclement weather leads to multiple cancellations, increased rental, transportation and staffing costs, and more importantly, lost opportunity to play sports.
By staking our commitment to athletics and sports for our students, we are ‘levelling the playing field’ by giving them access to facilities already available to boys’ schools.

“All BSS students have the opportunity to develop skills, a love of movement, and a social connection through sport. We want our students to say “YES” to any sports opportunity because they have developed confidence and skills at BSS.”
- Sheila Allen, Athletic Director, Junior and Middle School

  • Longer playing season → Access will be extended into spring and fall and provide a stable, safe resource for our students
  • Best-in-class field space for BSS students and inter-school competitions
  • A central community space → Provides a gathering place for field sports, the ice rink and special events like ‘Night Under the Stars’ 
  • Reduced cancellations → Avoids the extra cost of games and practices moving elsewhere
  • Increased rental income → Outside of school hours, rental income is projected to double, adding revenue for the school
  • Environmentally friendly and cost efficient → Turf is more cost-effective to maintain

How you can help: 

Philanthropic support from our community reinforces our belief in the importance of developing a lifelong love, participation and leadership in sports and physical education for our students.

From October 2022 to June 2023, we will be reaching out to our community to invite leadership gifts (starting at $25K+) for the remaining $1.5 million required to complete this project. Support at the leadership level comes with associated field recognition opportunities; however, gifts of any amount are important for community participation and can be directed through the BSS Annual Fund to the Area of Greatest Need.

If you are interested in supporting this exciting project or learning more, please contact Lori Angle, Director of Development langle@bss.on.ca or (416) 483 4325 ext. 1823

Together we can Change the Game for BSS. 
 Join us in making it happen!