Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging

Beyond the Classroom

Diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging extends well beyond the classroom.
In the Junior School, students take leadership roles through presentations related to current events and class investigations at Chapel and Assembly. There is an annual public speaking competition for Grades 4 - 6 based on the ideas of voice, ethical citizenship and leadership. Students also have the opportunity to address important issues through expressive art.

Grade 7 and 8 students participate in workshops such as a Trans Day of Remembrance, as well as discussions around mental health in the community. There have been initiatives with the Gender Sexuality Alliance, with many students watching videos about the history of Pride.

In Grades 9 to 12, members of the Black Student Union have run workshops for students on topics such as micro-aggressions.

Affinity and Ally Groups

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  • Asian Student Union

    The Asian Student Union fosters a sense of belonging for Asian students within the BSS community through the celebration of all Asian cultures. They bring awareness to important issues such as xenophobia and racism. 
  • Black Student Union

    The Black Student Union builds community, celebrates various cultures within the Black community and creates a safe and brave space for discussion. It supports Black students, ensuring their voices are heard in the BSS community through initiatives and events.
  • Muslim Student Union

    The Muslim Student Union (MSU) is an inclusive, non-judgemental and safe place for students to learn more about the religion of Islam. The MSU provides the space for students to share their knowledge and experiences of Islam as a religion and culture, and encourages discussions.
  • Jewish Student Union

    The Jewish Student Union (JSU) connects with students to create a sense of community. Students learn about topics such as Jewish holidays, traditions and about Judaism worldwide.
  • Community Voices Prefects

    The Community Voices Prefects ensure students of all identities feel supported and valued, and have their voices heard. Their goal is to expand and prioritize DEIB within and beyond the school community. 
  • Student Diversity Leadership Council

    The Student Diversity Leadership Council focuses on addressing, understanding and dismantling the systemic issues of discrimination at BSS and beyond. Many students in this council have attended the Student Diversity Leadership Conference, hosted by the National Association of Independent Schools.
  • Mental Health Council

    The Mental Health Council strives to educate members of the BSS community on the importance of mental health awareness. It breaks down barriers and stigmas surrounding mental illness in order to create a safe and positive environment. 
  • Gender Sexuality Alliance

    The Gender Sexuality Alliance (GSA) exists to build inclusion, belonging and openness between students, whilst simultaneously educating people on the experiences of LGBTQ+ students.