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Our Supporters

Thank you  to all of our generous Intersection supporters. A full donor listing can be found in our Impact Report. 

Daphne Chien

“My daughters are confident, happy and eager to learn because of the support they receive at BSS.”

Daphne Chien speaks passionately about her love for BSS as she has seen the benefits of the school’s nurturing environment. Daphne can’t say enough about BSS faculty: “They give 110% of themselves to our girls, always going the extra mile” Daphne and her husband support Intersection because it means new learning opportunities for all BSS girls. They are impressed with the plans for the new space and that all donations to Intersection will benefit BSS students, for many years to come.

Lori Angle

“In short, innovation requires investment.”

Lori Angle has been involved with Intersection since its initial planning stage, as both a former BSS staff member and current BSS parent. The way she sees it, the three pillars of the campaign underscore the school’s holistic approach to learning. She and her husband, Jeff Houslander, have proudly supported both the Campus Fund to build the new Senior School building, and the Community Fund to establish need-based scholarships for qualifying applicants. Angle anticipates that the school’s fundraising goals will not only help maintain our standing as a global leader in girls’ education, but will help propel the school forward.

Wenhe Li

“I’m not just supporting the Campaign for my daughter, but for future students.”

For current BSS parent Wenhe Li, getting involved in Intersection was a matter of principle: a chance to make a meaningful contribution to the world, and to set an example for her daughter along the way. A doctor-turned-businesswoman in her native China, Ms. Li recognizes that her life has afforded her great privileges and comfort. Contributing to the legacy of the School that has shaped her daughter’s mind and future prospects is her way of paying that privilege forward.

Robert Grundleger

“The new building is a pivotal development for the BSS community, an opportunity for the School to remain at the top of its game.”

A Harvard MBA graduate, Mr. Grundleger feels fortunate to have had the opportunity to attend high-calibre academic institutions throughout the course of his schooling. He supports BSS as a means of protecting the path to achievement, and for ensuring that future generations of girls are able to experience it for themselves. This is why Mr. Grundleger is so supportive of all three pillars of Intersection – to broaden access while also ensuring the School’s forward motion.

Victoria MACKENZIE Lazier

“One of my concerns is that the cost of getting a private school education is out of reach for a lot of people. Ensuring a diverse student body improves the student experience for all.”

As an Old Girl whose mother, sister and daughter-in-law are also BSS alumae, a priority for Ms. Lazier is that multiple generations within families be given the opportunity to attend the School and maintain a sense of community, should they opt to. Her funds are directed specifically at fellow daughters of Old Girls, a nod to the personal significance she sees in upholding a sense of family connection to BSS.

“I’m not just supporting Intersection for my daughter, but for future students.”