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Learning and Teaching @ BSS

We believe strongly in the power of the girls within these walls and their ability to change the world for the better. It’s not just a philosophy; it’s the basis of our Culture of Powerful Learning. We believe in learning beyond the classroom, in big ideas and little victories, in solving real problems and inspiring new ways of doing things. And most of all, we believe in growth and discovery – especially in the face of life’s challenges. It’s how our girls find their voice, their drive, themselves.

The Signature of a BSS Girl establishes a set of personal attributes that are encouraged, nurtured and taught at the school. It is the product of intensive research on contemporary girls’ psychology, wellness, character development and leadership models. We believe working toward these attributes will help our students successfully navigate the challenges of today’s complex world. The Signature exists in two forms: the student framework presents the attributes as series of questions to be considered. An expanded version for teachers and parents includes a glossary that defines the terms used and sets the parameters for the work of the attributes. Our Signature is an integral part of our Culture of Powerful Learning. Read about its evolution.

Young BSS student sketching


What’s behind the Performing & Visual Arts door? Music and theatre, and musical theatre, dance, painting, drawing, sculpture and learning to play an instrument – woodwind, strings, percussion or voice! We believe in the arts at BSS, where students have the chance to discover and develop their talents, and embrace a symphony of skills, while having the time of their lives. Find out more!

BSS hockey player


There’s so much more to athletics than athletics. It’s trying hard and trying even harder, finding a way to accept a loss or own a win, and cheering on others and yourself. It’s choosing to be active instead of reactive, facing a fear or two, and finding out you can hit that overhead or defend that net when you never thought you could. Explore Athletics @ BSS

BSS chemistry students


When we talk about STEAM at BSS – Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Math because we understand it’s at the intersection of arts and science where sparks fly, and creativity and learning soars. We’re deliberate about innovative collaboration, which makes learning a daily celebration and helps girls move full steam ahead in these fascinating fields. Explore STEAM @ BSS



Extending learning beyond a rigorous academic program which both aligns with and surpasses the Ontario Curriculum, our students are motivated to deepen their interests and take risks. Our commitment to academic excellence is seen in our research-based pedagogy, our professional learning community and inquiry, which lies at the heart of our program from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 12.


Nature is an inspiring teacher. Our Outdoor and Environmental Education program has younger students learning about natural cycles and conservation, and older girls enjoying overnight trips packed with ecological learning and activities like canoeing and fire building. This learning extends our curriculum outdoors while students develop lifelong leadership skills. Read The Link article, Beyond The Books.



A vital ingredient to our Culture of Powerful Learning is support – relevant, targeted and accessible support for each student at BSS. We don’t hold every student’s hand – we value self-reliance, risk and independence too much for that – but we guide and encourage the girls so they can set afloat their own goals and vision. Click here to read how we support our students.

Teacher helping student

Faculty Expertise

BSS teachers are demonstrated experts in their fields and in girls’ learning. Driven by a vibrant growth mindset, they regularly engage in the highest quality of professional development. Teachers regularly upgrade their qualifications through purposeful professional development grounded in classroom practice and aligned with our Culture of Powerful Learning, including Ontario College of Teachers’ Recognized Additional Qualifications, Harvard University’s Making Thinking Visible, Learning and the Brain, National Coalition of Girls Schools, Future Design School, Leadership and Design, Google Apps for Education Summit, High Tech High, NAIS, CAIS, People of Colour and Apple Professional Learning.

Our teachers also deliver exceptional professional development to other educators, regularly presenting at and hosting conference workshops, and delivering Investigations and Expressions, an on-campus symposium focused on our Reggio-inspired, inquiry-based approach.

Student Life

Click here to read about Co-Curricular activities at BSS

Students can choose from an endless array of co-curricular activities to help build on academic growth while developing interests and skills outside the classroom. Getting involved in Student Life at BSS means exploring exciting and challenging experiences. What’s not to like?

Speakers & Conferences

Jane Goodall

We celebrate diversity of thought in learning, so we invite a wide range of speakers on campus throughout the year and host compelling conferences to share experiences and expertise. Keep an eye on The Latest  for visitors of every description who come to BSS and move us with their talent and big ideas.

Our single-gender environment

We are reminded every day of the great advantage girls have when they learn and grow alongside other girls. The National Coalition of Girls’ Schools summarizes that advantage well: At a girls’ school, a girl occupies every role: every part in the play, every seat on the student government, every position on every team. Not only does she have a wealth of avenues for self-exploration and development; she has a wealth of peer role models. At BSS, this successful single-gender approach to learning forms the basis of our inspiring culture, which changes with each girl who walks through our doors. She makes us different, stronger, better.