Student Life

Life in the Junior School

Junior School students have opportunities to lead through volunteer initiatives, sports, assemblies and Chapel, and by mentoring younger students. Through community activities like food and clothing drives, they learn the value of reciprocal relationships.
    • Athletics

      Every girl is welcome to join a team or athletic club. Our goal is to develop fundamental skills and confidence in themselves as athletes. Sports include basketball, cross country, soccer, tennis, field hockey, swimming, track and field, volleyball and softball.

    • Outdoors

      Getting outdoors is an important part of life at BSS. The younger students embark on half-day trips to explore the local ravine. Beginning in Grade 3, students take overnight trips for one to three nights. Starting with one night away, and building up to three nights by Grade 6, these trips are a chance for students to learn outside the classroom and challenge themselves in a new environment.

    • Fun Plus

      Once a week, our Fun Plus program introduces Junior School students to new activities and skills – everything from ballet and coding to jewelry making and playing the ukulele. It’s another opportunity for students to discover themselves and the world around them.

Fun Plus Activities

Craft making
Dance (Ballet, Hip-hop, Jazz and Cheerleading)
Lego building
Musical theatre
Women in Science