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The Impact

New space.
New expertise.
New opportunities.

Architect drawing new build

Impact: Campus Fund

We witnessed the power of ‘bricks and mortar’ to transform the learning experience in our Junior School since its completion 10 years ago. Now we wonder how we ever got by without this inspiring building.

We have the same revolutionary vision for important elements of our program that are currently in a space built in 1914. Enter the Intersection Campus Fund. Now science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) will not be exiled to one end of a building while art and music studios are at another. We know that bringing disciplines together, allowing them to intersect naturally by virtue of proximity, will empower the learning that our girls need for the high demands of today’s world.

We’ve brought together the best in the field to plan and transform our campus. When it opens in early 2017, every girl at BSS – past, present and future – can experience how much space matters in inspiring transformative ideas, creativity and collaboration.

Click here for the campus fund in action

Innovative teaching

Impact: Innovation Fund

Every teacher knows sometimes too well that the world is anything but static. Both in their field of expertise and the realm of education, things change quickly and with great complexity. As fascinating as new research and discovery is, the best teachers need to make time and find resources to explore and embrace it. The impact of the Innovation Fund may not be as visible as the space in which it will unfold, but when girls feel passionate about their teachers and their learning, we can thank the ongoing professional learning opportunities and visiting experts for keeping both teacher and student at the top of their game.

Click here to see the innovation fund in action

Community spirit

Impact: Community Fund

With a deeper Financial Assistance pool to draw from, we will deliver our sought-after program to even more girls who are eager to experience it, but who may not have the means to do so. Hundreds of girls over the years have thrived at BSS and graduated into successful working lives thanks to our Financial Assistance program and our donors who have identified this as an area they feel passionate about. The far-reaching, emotional impact of the Community Fund is felt deeply by determined young girls who take an extraordinary opportunity, and run with it.

Click here to see the Community Fund in action

“I’m not just supporting Intersection for my daughter, but for future students.”