Vision, Mission and Values

At BSS, we do things differently. Our challenging program is based on advanced educational research. BSS students inquire through the lens of equity and ethics. They work collaboratively and learn to be leaders. They think critically, ask important questions and learn the skills to make positive change.
With our approach, students learn deeply. They get to know themselves. They become independent, lifelong learners, confident and self-assured. They learn to speak for themselves and to lead others. They grow into compassionate and ethical citizens. They develop grit. We call this the Signature of a BSS Girl.

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  • Junior student laughs with a group of students and a teacher


    To be an inspirational force for women to reach their full potential as transformative leaders.
  • Senior student with hand raised sitting next to microscope


    Inspire girls to be fearless.
    Educate girls to be leaders.


Pursue Excellence
Strive to be the best in all that we do.

Take Risks
Be willing to take risks, challenge convention and support a nurturing environment where it’s safe to fail.

Be Creative
Look at a challenge from all angles and fearlessly explore.

Learn From Our Differences
Celebrate the unique voice in all individuals to expand our worldview.

Honour Our Heritage
Honour the past, live in the present, own the future.

Embrace Change
Embrace change and uncertainty in order to grow.

Be Curious
Live with a thirst for learning.