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The Distinguished Old Girl Award (DOGA) is presented to an alumna who has made a difference in the lives of others by giving back to the community, contributing a great deal to her profession, or showing tremendous leadership.

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  • 2022 - Margaret DeROCHE Derry ’64

    When cattle breeder Margaret DeROCHE Derry ’64 decided to get her PhD, she did not just complete her doctorate. She brought animal breeding into the field of history. Margaret is the author of 12 books, a professor at the University of Guelph and an artist who brings the natural world to the canvas.
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  • 2022 - Dominique HUSSEY ’91

    Dominique HUSSEY ’91, one of the country’s top intellectual property litigators, is now the first Black managing partner on Bay Street. The 2022 Distinguished Old Girl Award recipient sits on three boards: the BlackNorth Initiative, Ontario Brain Institute and The Advocates’ Society.
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  • Beth BEATTIE ’86

    Beth BEATTIE ’86

    Advocating for change in mental health care

    Beth Beattie, a senior counsel for the Ontario Ministry of the Attorney General, is recognized for the incredible impact her mental health advocacy has had on society.
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  • Dr. Sarah KAWAGUCHI ’05

    Dr. Sarah KAWAGUCHI ’05

    Providing relief with grace, kindness and clinical precision

    Dr. Sarah Kawaguchi, a palliative care doctor at the Temmy Latner Centre for Palliative Care at Mount Sinai Hospital, is recognized for her important work in providing relief from symptoms and stresses of terminally ill patients.
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  • Cindy GARDINER Blakely ’68

    Cindy GARDINER Blakely ’68

    An entrepreneurial spirit for social change

    Cindy GARDINER Blakely ‘68 is the founder, past chair and current board member of New Circles Community Services, a non-profit social services agency that supports residents of Toronto’s most vulnerable neighbourhoods.
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  • Claire JEPHCOTT McDerment ’56

    Claire JEPHCOTT McDerment ’56

    Advocate and leader for children’s wellness

    Claire JEPHCOTT McDerment ‘56, a health professional and stress management consultant, has served The Psychology Foundation of Canada for more than 20 years as a trustee and committee chair.
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  • Laryssa PATTEN ’93

    Laryssa PATTEN ’93

    Engineering change from the ground up

    As an aerospace engineer, Laryssa shot for the stars and clearly reached them. Her passion and expertise have advanced the work of the Canadian Space Agency, the International Space Station, the European Space Agency and NATO.
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  • Phyllis MANNING Creighton ’47

    Phyllis MANNING Creighton ’47

    A voice for global change and social justice

    Phyllis MANNING Creighton ‘47 is a passionate advocate for mental and reproductive health care, social justice, peace and the environment.
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  • Andrea THOMAS Hill ’86

    Andrea THOMAS Hill ’86

    One woman’s vision moves millions

    Andrea THOMAS Hill ‘86 is driven by a strong sense of philanthropy and community service. In 1992, she founded Run for the Cure in Canada and, suddenly, families, friends and communities were running together for someone they loved.
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  • Anne INNIS Dagg ’51

    Anne INNIS Dagg ’51

    For the love of animals

    Anne INNIS Dagg ‘51, PhD, is a renowned author, scholar, animal rights advocate and wildlife photographer. Her childhood love of animals inspired her to become a zoologist, and at age 23, she went alone to Africa to do pioneering research on giraffes.
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  • Joan GALLIE McDonald ’62

    Joan GALLIE McDonald ’62

    Archery’s gold medal coach

    World-class athlete and renowned Olympic archery coach Joan GALLIE McDonald ‘62 blazed a trail for women in sport, and has made a profound contribution to the lives of young athletes who aspire to the Olympic dream.
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  • Valerie WHITTINGHAM Pringle ’71

    Valerie WHITTINGHAM Pringle ’71

    Broadcaster, adventurer and philanthropist

    Valerie WHITTINGHAM Pringle ‘71, C.M., is a distinguished voice in Canadian broadcasting. She began her career as a journalist in radio in the 1970s and with her move to television, became a household name in Canada.
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  • Margaret WENTE ’68

    Margaret WENTE ’68

    Canada’s contrarian

    A writer, editor and one of Canada’s leading columnists, Margaret WENTE ‘68 has blazed a trail for women in journalism and continues to enlighten the country with her thought-provoking writing.
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  • Joan WHITTEN Miller ’76

    Joan WHITTEN Miller ’76

    Pioneering cures for blindness

    Dr. Joan WHITTEN Miller ‘76 is an internationally recognized expert in macular degeneration, a progressive disease that can cause blindness and is the most common cause of vision loss in people over 50.
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  • Victoria MATTHEWS ’72

    Victoria MATTHEWS ’72

    Blazing a trail for women in the church

    Bishop Victoria MATTHEWS ‘72 has broken new ground for women in the Anglican Church since becoming the first Canadian female Bishop in 1994.
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  • Jalynn ROGERS Bennett ’62

    Jalynn ROGERS Bennett ’62

    Shattering glass ceilings across Canada

    Jalyn ROGERS Bennett ‘62, C.M. was one of the most influential businesswomen in Canada and a tireless volunteer for her community.
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  • Margot ANDREW Anderson ’79

    Margot ANDREW Anderson ’79

    Instilling hope in the lives of HIV+ children

    In 1993, Margot ANDREW Anderson ‘79 pioneered a camp program for children with HIV/AIDS at a time when the disease was largely misunderstood and greatly feared in society.
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  • Mary Louise DICKSON ’58

    Mary Louise DICKSON ’58

    Champion for the rights of the disabled

    Mary Louise DICKSON ‘58, O.ONT., Q.C., a partner in the law firm Dickson MacGregor Appell LLP, is an author, educator, activist and highly respected expert in the field of estate law. After contracting polio at the age of seven, Mary Louise spent much of her childhood at a rehabilitation facility.
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On May 3, 2017, many of the 15 BSS alumnae who received the school’s Distinguished Old Girl Award gathered together for a celebration of their achievements and their impact on the world. Watch this video for a glimpse of each of these remarkable women.